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Fear Free Mind Masterclass

Learn how to decode the hidden signals of your body to

let go of fear & stress and navigate life with ease

Tap Into The Guidance Of Your “Internal Guidance System”

In Just A Few Minutes

Inside this masterclass, you’ll learn…

  • How you can dissolve fear and vanish chronic stress by tuning into the guidance of the Internal Guidance System everyone is born with.
  • Which are the 3 areas in your body that function as your “inner compass” – and how to decode their signals for greater ease and flow in life.
  • How to bypass the automatic biological responses to fear –the ‘3 Fs’: Fight, Flight and Freeze– so you can unlock the “4th F”... FLOW! (anyone can do this)
  • What is an “opening” and how does this inner compass response lead you down the path of least resistance to achieve your dreams faster than you imagined possible.
  • Why a “closing” is your personal ‘inner voice lie detector’ – stop worry, self-doubt and anxiety on its tracks with this simple tool.

Stop letting fear rule your life.

(No more waking up at 3 am with anxiety and overwhelm)

Life is now moving faster than ever. Just keeping up with things is a constant source of stress: from bills, to tasks at work, thinking about that chronic disease that runs in your family, or the feeling of knowing that your life is passing you by and you haven’t really lived…

You can’t get a break, and it’s keeping you up at night. Is there a way out?


You see, stress is a fear response in your body. The automatic way your brain deals with fear is by hijacking your system and putting you into one of the “3F” states: fight, flight and freeze

Which then keeps you stuck in worry, anxiety, and overwhelm.

But there’s a way to short circuit this system, break free from fear and tap into the “4th F” no one is talking about…


How do you do it? By tuning into the guidance of your Internal Guidance System (IGS) it’s an “inner compass” – for your life. You were born with it, it guides you, without fail, down the right path in your life!

Navigate Life With Inner Peace, Self-Confidence, And Trust

Working with your Internal Guidance System ” is an incredibly fast and powerful way to create change in your life, and unlock the best outcome in everything that you do.

These techniques are simple, practical and straightforward – perfect to apply in your busy day-to-day routine…

And will make a difference in your well-being in as little as a single week.

When you harness the life-changing potential of your “inner compass”, you will…

  • Be fully in control of your life – you’ll break free from the grip of fear, worry and anxiety and become the “captain of your ship”
  • Trust yourself to choose what’s best for you – making the right decisions will become easy and natural
  • Feel confident, safe and secure. Keep your mind from hijacking YOU – and never let “what ifs” steal your inner peace again
  • Find the right path in life. Stop second-guessing, “analysis paralysis” and doubt with a simple tool
  • Tap into a state of flow at will, opening the floodgates of synchronicities, blessings and miracles into your life
  • Create lasting change and release old patterns that are no longer serving you, for good

What People Say About Working With Zen

I have never found anything as life-changing and immediate as this!!! It is hard to express in words how your techniques have transformed my life. What I want to say is: 1. Your techniques are perfect… simple, straightforward, the “how to” of this entire process; 2. They work! and 3. Your giftedness in presenting the techniques in an accessible, organized and enjoyable way is astounding!

Elizabeth Crews

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for this!! Just in quickly beginning to say “what I’m thinking isn’t true” has started to ease the tightness I’ve been feeling. I didn’t really realize that it was my worry tendencies that were in my way. I have some tools to work with now thanks to you and your awesomeness. This was what I needed to help get me past my major road block.

Rebekah Wallin

Studying [Zen’s techniques] has restored my sense of faith and trust in my own ability to “sense” what is truly moving me in the direction of more joy and love. In the past, sometimes my mind could get in the way or I wouldn’t ‘listen’ to where I was being directed next. I am learning to trust more and more in my own ‘inner guru,’ (...) to guide me in the direction of my dreams.

Carol Davis

Meet Your Host Zen Cryar DeBrucke

Zen Cryar DeBrücke is the founder of Smart Soul Academy. She has worked with over 40,000 people, helping them align with their purpose and unlock lives of greater fulfillment and joy by showing them how to listen to their “inner compass.”

Her compassion radiates through her work, and her style is down-to-earth, practical, humorous and wise. Zen’s international best-selling book, “Your Inner GPS” is an easy-to-read how-to on the way to let this inner wisdom guide you to success. The Smart Soul Academy provides deeper teachings on mastering this art.

Zen is the founder of Smart Soul Academy, best-selling author, a breast cancer survivor, happy wife, and busy mom.

Tune Into Your “Inner Compass” And Tap Into A Life Of Flow!